Here are some examples of what you can do for a door!

As you can see - all of them are the same sizes. You dont have to put on a window, or you can change the window shape !
You dont have to put on that specific handle in the base, you can change the shape or hide parts of it !
You can do whatever you want, and I'm sure you can get MUCH much more creative than these !! As long as its 33x60 and looks like a door, youre good <3
+ You can use gifs and/or transparent pixels too of course !! Have fun with the design, mine are boring because I rushed them XD

Here are some examples of how houses could look like!

I dont really think we should set standarts for houses, you really can just get creative and do whatever you want ! You dont even have to use the base , As long as its an house that you can put the doors in thats good!!!

Id love to see how creative you can get with this :D + It can really be any floors you want, it could not even be a house! You could make a palace, a cheese, whatever you want!!! Get creative, have fun ^__^

If the examples arent very clear to you let me know! You can contact me here :)

Thanks for reading !! >___<