Released: 01.01.24
Font family: arial
Tags: cute, simple, colourful
AUGUST? Is my second template.
I have also made AUGUST? v.mspg which is just a version of AUGUST? using the ms pgothic font! But this one uses arial ^__^
Click for preview!
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1. Do not hotlink my images. This means you must save them to your own computer, upload them to your own neocities (or whatever server youre using), and link the images from your own site. Hotlinking slows down my site, which is already very slow and laggy, so I would really appreacite it if you could show your support by not doing this.

2. Do not remove my credits. The little "Layout by Tohar" text, Please do not remove, hide, change, or edit it. At all. After all, I am giving you these layouts for free and out of my own will to help beginners so the least you could do is keep the credits up. It would also help other people find my site and templates!

Thank you and enjoy AUGUST? ♡